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Air conditioning systems ensure a high level of air quality by controlling the temperature, humidity and ventilation inside a building. SanTech air conditioning systems have both cooling and heating capabilities.  The company has extensive experience in installing air conditioning equipment in a wide range of buildings including hotels, apartments and houses.

The cutting-edge technology applied to air conditioning systems guarantees a high level of energy efficiency. SanTech supplies the Armenian market with GREE air conditioners. They come in various types referred to as split systems consisting of two parts: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit and mini-split systems comprised of one outdoor unit which delivers air to a few indoor units. GREE air conditioners are manufactured employing the latest innovations in technology so they are completely customizable offering the consumers the ability to control and monitor the units.

The air conditioning systems of the company offer an array of installation solutions to suit every environment. They can be ducted, mounted on the wall or installed on the floor using a stand-up model.