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SanTech provides powder-coating solutions to metal ducts and pipes, metal vent grilles, various metal objects as well as other metallic materials using high-grade Italian powder. The company uses a special mechanism of curing the workpieces in a gas-fired convection oven which markedly lowers the service price.

Metal powder-coating process involves three basic steps. First, the metal surface undergoes pre-treatment (removal of oil, dirt and metal oxides followed by phosphating to render the metal corrosion-resistant).

Second, powder is applied to the surface of the object by compressed air spraying in a spray booth using an electrostatic gun. Particles of powder are attracted to the surface due to powerful electrostatic charge forming a uniform coating.

Third, the powder-coated pieces are placed in a special oven where the temperature may reach 150-220°C (depending on the manufacturer’s specifications) undergoing polymerization for 10mins as a result of which the particles attracted to the surface melt and cure establishing full film properties. Then the pieces are cooled and ready to use.

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