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SanTech offers heat insulating materials designed for insulating the pipework in heating systems to avoid heat loss and reduced efficiency.
In Armenia SanTech is the sole supplier of pipe insulation made of polyethylene and specially formulated materials.

SanTech pipe insulation products are manufactured from high-quality materials making them ecologically clean and incomparably cheaper than the ones imported from overseas. They are used to insulate hot and cold water pipes so that when contacting with the surrounding ambient air the water temperature inside the pipe will remain unchanged before reaching its final destination. However, pipe insulation is not recommended in sun-exposed areas.

SanTech-made pipe insulation is compatible with 22, 28, 35, 42, 52, 65 mm bore pipes. Due to a more powerful production line we have it in mind to manufacture larger-bore pipe insulation as well as to increase the production scale in the foreseeable future.

Thermal insulation having gained such significance these days is not only instrumental in creating the internal micro-climate of a building and saving energy but also in guaranteeing the durability of the facility. Not only does SanTech pipe insulation prevent energy loss but it also protects the HVAC system from pre-mature damage.

Highly efficient and eco-friendly pipe insulation products are one of SanTech’s best calling cards that will render any facility more durable and energy-efficient.

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