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Air ducts are used in ventilation, smoke control and dust collection systems of industrial, administrative and public buildings to remove harmful air particulates.

SanTech air ducts are suited for application in smoke control systems. They are fabricated from galvanized sheet metal as well as ferrous metals and have a thickness of up to 2mm.

Air ducts come in two shapes: round with a diameter of 100-1200mm and rectangular with a diameter of 100×100mm-2500x2500mm. Round ducts have either a spirally corrugated or flat surface. They are finished with double-layer anti-corrosion and single-layer fire-resistant coatings to ensure high quality and maximum efficacy.

Air ducts designed for ventilation systems are manufactured with a thickness of 0.4-1mm. Ductwork installation is carried out using flanges and other special clamps due to which they can be easily dismantled where necessary.

Nowadays exposed ductwork is successfully incorporated into interior design themes as a decorative element. They are assembled in keeping with the latest trends and painted in a variety of colors.

SanTech ducts are manufactured with specialized equipment and innovative technology which guarantee the ductwork durability and aesthetic look.

SanTech also offers duct fittings including duct elbows, T-fittings, transitions etc.

The skilled specialists of SanTech will implement any requested ductwork project based on a relevant design.

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