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Manufactured from high-grade polyethylene SanTech insulation sheeting is designed specifically for use with laminate flooring as well as underfloor heating systems. In Armenia the company is the sole manufacturer of insulation sheeting made of polyethylene foam. The technology that the company has developed guarantees excellent efficacy and affordability at a time.

The role of insulation sheeting utilized with laminate flooring is to level and soften the interior surface of the flooring. With underfloor heating systems foil-wrapped insulation sheets are used to provide uniform temperatures throughout the space and prevent heat loss thereby saving energy.

The efficiency level of such flooring is highly dependent on the quality of the insulation sheeting and the literate use thereof in the floor structure. 2-20mm-thick, durable SanTech insulation sheeting will produce excellent results due to superior quality raw materials used in the insulation sheeting structure.

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