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Flexible ducts are suited for a wide range of applications. They are used on such portions of the ductwork where the connections cannot be made with straight ducts. SanTech flexible ducts are fabricated from aluminum foil, metal wires and petroleum.

Foil-wrapped flexible ducts are of superior quality and highly reliable. They will guarantee the uninterrupted service life of the ductwork in high pressure and up to 75°C conditions. In contrast to the flexible ducts imported from abroad which are wrapped in aluminum foil only on the outside, SanTech flexible ducts have aluminum foil layers both on the inside and outside thus ensuring utmost efficiency.

Flexible ducts are manufactured with a diameter of 112, 127, 152, 162, 203, 253, 318, 353, 403mm and a length of 7.5m. They are easy to assemble even without any special tools.

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