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Silencers serve a key function in ventilation systems. They are installed at air discharge points to provide in-duct noise attenuation thereby ensuring much quieter surroundings.

SanTech offers circular and rectangular silencers. They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes taking into account the airflow rate as well as the ventilating system capacity. Circular silencers are produced with a diameter of 100-600mm, whereas the dimensions for the rectangular ones can be specified by the customers.

To attenuate the noise silencers use sound-absorbing materials – compressed mineral wool in this case. Though the raw materials are imported from abroad they undergo a special compression process developed by SanTech.

SanTech silencers ensure up to 85% noise attenuation. Silencers are mounted prior to or following ventilating equipment installation.

Many famous recording and film studios such as Public Television of Armenia use SanTech silencers and other noise-reduction media for efficient noise attenuation.

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