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Main Facility and HQ in Maine (2015)

“Special Santechmontaj” CJSC being the official representative of SanTech brand is specialized in the manufacture and installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, water supply and drainage, smoke control and fire suppression systems. The company is involved in the import and sale of equipment and wares designed for the aforesaid systems. Our production facility has been equipped with a PE thermal insulation production line since 2011.

“Special Santechmontaj” CJSC collaborates with over 25 internationally renowned organizations. It has been the largest importer of GREE brand in Armenia since 2011. The company started importing BENNINGER products in 2009 – a brand recognized as the leading manufacturer of polyethylene pipes in the international market – and has been the exclusive representative of it in Armenia ever since. It has also been officially importing REGAU products since 2015.

“Special Santechmontaj” cooperates with such reputable companies of the field as Ebara, Ecoflame, Varem, Aermec (Italy), Wolf, Ostendorf (Germany), Rettig Heating, Dospel (Poland), Salda (Lithuania), Lissant, Lissant, Veza (Russia).

“Special Santechmontaj” CJSC has a production facility of 4700m2 and employs over 110 operatives.



Beginnings in 1923


“Special Santechmontaj” CJSC was originally established in 1956 as the installation department of “Haysantechmontaj trest” providing sanitary wares installation services.

Following the buy-out of the company in 1999 on behalf of Director Meruzhan Rafayelyan, the name was changed to “Special Santechmontaj” OJSC.

In 2004 the company changed its legal status from Open Joint Stock Company to Closed Joint Stock Company.



SanTech’s core objective is to provide people with comfortable and secure conditions in their homes, workplaces as well as in administrative, healthcare and industrial premises.