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High-quality single-row and double-row SanTech ventilation grilles are in high demand and widely used in ventilation systems as airflow regulators.

They can be manufactured in a variety of sizes (up to 6m long) and shapes (square, rectangular) upon customer request. The aluminum grilles utilized in the ventilation systems of residential and industrial premises can be either powder-coated or painted in a conventional way in various colors right in SanTech’s machine shop.

SanTech also produces metal grilles designed for mounting on the exterior side of a building. They can be manufactured in different sizes, colors and shapes on request. The grilles designed for exterior locations serve both decorative and utility functions such as providing efficient ventilation, protecting the ductwork from dust accumulation, unfavorable weather conditions and foreign objects. In ventilation systems they are as a rule of thumb used with special filters also produced by SanTech.

The grilles of domestic manufacture are of higher quality and less expensive than the imported ones.

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