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We all spend most of the day either at home or in the workplace. Oftentimes we do not even notice that the room needs airing or even if we do, we do not air it for fear of letting the cold air in.

This problem can be easily tackled if here is an air conditioner in your apartment or workplace.

Let’s see why having a air conditioner in the room is so essential.

  1. An air conditioner reduces condensation. High levels of air humidity in your home cause water vapor condensation, a process whereby water vapor in the air is changed into water drops, which we can see on the windows. Excess humidity can damage the wallpapers and the floor of the room and even the property. An air conditioner controls the humidity levels in the room.
  2. An air conditioner reduces radon levels in the air. Radon is an odorless and tasteless gas which the World Health Organization has classified as carcinogenic to human. Houses located near mines, caves or water treatment plants are more vulnerable. Therefore, their owners should be far more concerned about the quality of air.
  3. An air conditioner reduces the density of volatile organic compounds. Household products and furniture emit VOCs and in case of high levels of indoor air density, they might pose a threat to human health. An air conditioner will remove toxic vapors in the air thereby reducing their density levels in your home.
  4. An air conditioner removes allergens. It is of vital importance to regularly air condition your home to remove the dust and other harmful particles circulating in the air. An air-conditioner traps large air particles thereby ensuring a healthy environment at home.

Thus, air conditioners do not cause heat loss, nor do they increase your electricity bills. They remove the stale air and promote a flow of fresh air into the room.